Lecture notes:

  1. Model theory lecture notes, written for a graduate course in model theory at IU, Fall 2018.
  2. Model theory of the real numbers, lecture notes for a graduate course at Wesleyan, Spring 2020.
  3. Stability and Categoricity, lecture notes for a graduate course at Wesleyan, Spring 2022.

Research notes and expository notes:

  1. Generalized indiscernibles from ultrafilters, research note, 2020.
  2. Presenting finitary functors, exposition of a result from On Finitary Functors and Their Presentations, by Adámek, Milius, and Moss, 2017.
  3. Notes on ultrafilters, prepared for the Berkeley Math Toolbox Seminar, 2012.
  4. Notes on the stability spectrum, prepared while studying for my graduate qualifying exam, 2012.
  5. The Ax-Kochen Theorem: an application of model theory to algebra, my undergraduate senior thesis, 2010.
  6. An elementary proof of the Markov Chain Tree Theorem (with Amy Greenwald and John Wicks), expository paper based on an REU project, 2010.

Selected slides:

  1. Interpolative fusions, BIRS-CMO Neostability Theory Workshop, Oaxaca, Mexico, 10/16/18.
  2. The convergence of three notions of limit for finite structures, Workshop on model theory of finite and pseudofinite structures, University of Leeds, 4/11/18.
  3. Independence in generic structures, a general audience talk, Purdue University Operator Algebras / Logic seminar, 10/3/17.
  4. Generic theories, independence, and NSOP1, a more technical talk on the same material, MAMLS 2017, Wesleyan University, 10/21/17.
  5. First-order logic and cologic over a category, a general audience talk, Wesleyan University mathematics colloquium, 10/19/17.
  6. First-order logic for locally finitely presentable categories and their duals, a more technical talk on the same material, BLAST 2017, Vanderbilt University, 8/17/17.
  7. Foundations of cologic, IU Logic colloquium, 1/18/17.
  8. Pseudofinite countably categorical theories, AMS Central Fall Sectional Meeting, 10/3/15.
  9. Amalgamation and the finite model property, Spring ’15 ASL meeting, UIUC, 3/25/15.
  10. Sampling measures and limits of finite structures, Spring ’14 ASL meeting, UC Boulder, 5/20/14.